Look beyond your horizon

English summary

MAGA Consulting was established in 2000.

We support companies’ employees and assist them in professional development and personal growth to enable them working to the best of their abilities, for the benefit themselves, their supervisors and their companies. Our Consultants, experienced business people with proven track of success and excellent references, tailor the solutions to your needs, reaching outside of the box if needed.

We are able to show people that they are capable of doing much more and reaching much further than they believe they do.

Our services:



Our idea of a coach is that of a deck hand in a crow’s nest. He / she can see a bit wider horizon because of not having a burden of managing the whole ship. But it’s always the Captain (Coachee) that makes decisions about objectives, directions and maneuvers.

Our coaches support managers (executive coaching), key specialists (business coaching, coaching “on the job”) as well as private clients (life coaching, career coaching, retirement coaching).


szkoleniaVarious interactive workshops on soft skills development. Different aspects of management, communication, personal skills, etc. Each training is based on diagnosis of needs and prepared individually for the client.

Trainings may be conducted either as a group workshop or on “one on one” basis, with the second being usually a mixture of training, coaching, mentoring and consulting.


facylitacjeThis service of ours becomes very useful when the client has specialists, experts and know-how, but needs a “catalyst”, support in organizing the process of analyzing situation, problem solving and solution finding.


mentoringSince all Consultants we co-operate with have broad business experience, we are able to offer mentoring for managers, businesspeople and business trainers.


konsultacjeVarious projects, tailor-made to individual needs. From planning the strategy and its implementation to competency models and employees’ appraisals systems.


mediacjeProfessional help in conflict solving and developing agreements that work for all sides of the conflict.

We provide our services in Polish and English.

How do we work?

First, we ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to all the answers. That is how we define goals and design most accurate tasks. Then, we prepare preliminary offer and discuss important details with the client to make sure it is cut to the clients’ needs.

Respect is our principal value. We take care of people, good rapport and working relationship. That is why we…always tell the truth. And promise only what we believe is deliverable. We don’t like saying it, but sometimes we feel that “no” is the best answer. We’d rather over-deliver than over-promise.

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